Crystal Clark Drops ‘Stepmoms Spa Weekend Mix-Up!

The latest feature written and directed by Crystal Clark is here. Anthony Pierce stars as her stepson in “Stepmoms Spa Weekend Mix-Up!”

Anthony is anxious headed into his sophomore year, and his father suggests he use their timeshare at a prestige Vegas spa resort. He arrives and goes to check in, but the desk clerk tells him it’s already been taken care of. Anthony got quite a shock when he saw his stepmom had already checked into the room. She steps out of the bathroom and yells at Anthony, wondering what he was doing there. It turns out Anthony’s dad promised both of them the timeshare this weekend. Crystal and Anthony were not happy but decide to make the best out of it. Crystal seemed most angry about having to share the bed with her stepson.

Crystal Clark Stepmom

Anthony wakes up in the morning with a huge boner. Nervous, but with Crystal still asleep he decides to take care of it himself. He was just about finished when Crystal woke up and caught him. She was outraged, and questioned how he could do it right next to her. She tells him to hurry up and finish, but he was so nervous he couldn’t. He tells her and she asks if she could do something to help. He gleefully asks to see her ass, and she complied. Anthony admired her fine ass, and was about to take a cold shower to cure the issue, when Crystal reaches over and grips his cock. She finishes him off quickly and tells him not to tell anyone, and to get ready for the spa.

Later That Day

Later on at the spa they were having fun doing yoga and even a couples facial. With all the nude ladies walking around, Anthony once again had an erection. He tried to ignore it then Crystal noticed it and told him to ignore it, then suggested removing his towel and letting the steam calm it down. That didn’t work, and now Anthony was completely nude next to his stepmom. She tells him to just take care of it, and he asks to see her boobs for encouragement. Crystal agrees just so he’ll hurry up and get rid of his erection. She flashes him but grows impatient, and gets on her knees, taking his member in her mouth. He fills her mouth with his jizz, then she runs off to the shower like it never happened.

The last day of their spa weekend arrived, and Anthony and Crystal were packing up talking about how great their weekend was and it was sad they’re headed back to the real world in the morning. They got into bed together, but Anthony got really horny and couldn’t stop thinking of the day before. He tells her he feels bad because she helped him all weekend, but nobody was helping her. They talk more and decide to hook up so she can get some pleasure too. She starts by sucking his dick and riding him. Anthony fucked her on her side and in missionary, then doggie until he came all over her pussy and ass. Crystal was finally more relaxed than she had been all weekend, and they began to plan another spa weekend getaway. 

Check Out Crystal Clark

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Crystal Clark bent over the bar showinfg off her sweet MILF Ass.

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